How does Provides Security?

The internet is the miraculous creation that has turned this vast planet comprising seven continents into a global village. We can access any person sitting at the other end of the world within a matter of seconds due to the blessing of internet connections. If we dig deeper into the field of internet, we would come across many different things that will amaze us. IP address is one of those things. These IP addresses are a set of numerical codes assigned to our computers so they could connect with other computers in a fast pace and with complete ease. Especially, if any person is using a wireless network then IP addresses are very important.

The most commonly used IP address is which at first was used by Linksys Company. Many other networking companies then followed the lead and started using the same IP address for their networks.

But the thing that most of the people wonder is why to use as an IP address? Why is it so important? The answer to this question is so long that it could only be explained in many steps.

  • The greatest importance of this IP address is that it provides privacy and protection to your computing and networking devices. These IP addresses assigned to your devices would not be known outside your network. But most of the time people do complain that they have tried attaching multiple devices bearing same IP address to a single network and it has not worked. So, in this case, it is much better to change the IP addresses of all the devices except one and reconnect them to a single network.

  • As mentioned above, the greatest importance of is that it increases the security of your network and devices. So, you could also take many steps that would increase the security with the help of this IP address. Most of the people don’t know that if someone gets an idea about a person’s SSID then there is a 90% chance that the security of his private network is breached. So, it is strongly advised to log on your configuration settings using your IP address and change your SSID into something unimaginable.

  • The next step that must be done is to change the default user name and password. It helps in making your network more secure.

  • Always use the strongest encryption in order to make your network more secured. This could be done by logging into the configuration panel with the help of

Issues caused by, is a universal IP address firstly used by Linksys to set a default protocol address to its routers. Many other computer networking devices of different companies are also using the same IP address for private network connections. Different issues are faced everyday due to the reason that this IP address is used by many different companies at the same time for their wireless routers. Most of the time, it is strongly recommended to change the default protocol addresses of the computer before operating them in a single network connection.

Most of the common issues that are faced by the people due to this IP address or while accessing their router’s setting through this IP address are:

  • Most of the people get irritated when they are not able to log in to their router settings. Their problem could be easily resolved if they follow some of the basic trouble shooting steps. But first they have to analyze the reason of their problem. They have to check whether a proper physical or internet connection has established or not?

  • Secondly, they have to check whether the computer or firewall IP address is correct or not?

  • Thirdly, it must be checked that is there any possibility of firewall blockers or any other sort of pop-up blockers. These things also create a great problem in accessing the router settings through this IP address.

  • Lastly, if none of the above given problems exist, simply your router may be need a resetting.

In order to resolve the above mentioned problems, there are certain steps that must be taken.

  • First of all, a person must properly check that the physical connection is working or not. In order to ensure this, a person must make sure that the cables that are connecting the router to one’s computer are properly connected or not. In case of the USB connection, make sure that the USB is properly connected or not. When a person will connect the connecting cable of the router into the computer’s port, he will hear a soft click, ensuring that the cable is strongly connected.

  • Still, if you are not able to access your router settings then try to renew or release the internet protocol address for your computer. This can be done by accessing the IP address option in the network settings of your computer. The settings will differ depending on the nature of your internet connection or windows.

  • If you can reset the settings of your router to factory default settings then this can also help resolve the problem.

Most of the times, following any of the above given steps do help.

Paybacks That Arise With

In this era of information technology, many different technologies are becoming a basic part of our daily lives. First, entered the inventions of radio, television and telephone and then came the inventions of computers, internet, VPN, etc. Along with the invention of internet, many interesting inventions came into being and made our lives very fast and comfortable.

Most of the people using private network connection always wonder that what the IP address is and what is the importance of for their network connection? Basically, an IP address is a series of numbers that form a sort of coded address belonging to any network. Or we can also say that an IP address or the internet protocol address is a set of numerics in a coded form that are assigned to each computing device that participates in the procedure of internet communication. It is the same as any residential or official address of any place.

In order to send any package or mail to that place, you have to send it on the proper address. Similarly, you can only access your network if the IP is correct. Basically, the IP address is used for private networks and will not be recognized outside that network. There are two things that should be kept in mind about the IP addresses while using the internet.

  • If a person uses IP from his computer at his home and office, no complication would arise.

  • If a person has two network devices within the same network range then this could cause a lot of complications.

This means that a single networking device with this IP address should be used at one time.

Below are mentioned some points that are going to explain the importance of IP

  • The greatest characteristic of this IP is that the flow of data within the network is much faster and accurate.

  • This IP could be used by multiple users at the same time, keeping in mind that they don’t belong to the same network.

  • If this IP address is entered into the web browser, then router’s default administration page opens and router’s settings could be accessed.

  • Any person who doesn’t have any idea regarding the IP address of his private computer network can always set his default settings to this universal IP address.

There also arise many issues due to this IP address when two different devices are set on the same IP address but these sorts of issues are resolved once the IP address at the second device is changed.


Linksys is the company that has originally created this world renowned legendary IP address for its routers. Linksys routers all over the world are first choice among the people, especially among those who choose to use wireless internet. Linksys routers are very famous due to:

  • Their extremely fast speed and even your telephone will not be busy due to the usage of internet connection.

  • The network of Linksys is very powerful. The connectivity of all the computers attached to Linksys is very fast and reliable.

  • Multi player games can be easily played with the help of Linksys routers.


There are certain people who find managing the settings of Linksys router very difficult. But it is very easy as compared to managing the routers of other companies. There are certain steps that you should follow in order to log in to the Linksys router. Firstly, you have to enter the router’s password. Entering the password will get you access and authority to make any sort of necessary alterations in your router’s configuration system. As this IP address is mainly used by the Linksys as a protocol address for their routers, so it is very important that you enter it correctly in order to access the Linksys router’s settings.

So, when you have accessed the router settings page in order to make further alterations or settings, enter the IP address. If there is any sort of problem occurring in connecting to your private network or any other device is connected nearby having the same IP, then all you have to do is to log in with your standard IP to your router. After logging in, you have to change your IP address. Some people find it very irritating when they try to change their IP address in their Linksys configuration settings and the address won’t change. So, here are the few steps that would help you to change the IP address accurately.

  • In order to change the IP address of your computer, you have to access the DOS and then select the option “run command.”

  • All you have to do is to write ‘ipconfig/release’ and press enter in order to erase your current IP address.

  • And then in order to get a new IP address ‘ipconfig/renew’ must be typed.

  • Press Enter.

  • In order to reach the router’s setup page, must be typed into the search box.

  • In the end on reaching your web page, you can check the allotted IP address from the status icon and connect it to the computer.

Securing the Wireless Router’ Setting At

Nowadays people are facing more and more threats to the security and privacy of their personal lives due to advancement of information technology. Many different online websites have been created that are becoming a part of our routine lives but in order to connect to those sites, we have to upload our complete personal data on those sites. Same is the case with online banking, all of our financial information and other sort of personal data is available on these databases. And if anybody is planning on hacking these sites, he can easily access all of our personal information. But the fact which is not very common among the internet users is that many different protective measures could be adopted to protect our on-net communication and these protections really do work.

The IP addresses assigned to our networking devices cannot be detected outside the network and are the most reliable way to provide the protection to our computers and networks. But in order to ensure this, it is much better to follow some certain steps to set the settings of your wireless routers so they become a complete protection for your personal computers and private networks.

  • In order to access the router’s settings, the person has to enter the default  IP address of his router i.e.

  • On reaching the configuration settings page, first of all, you should change the router’s name. You should name it with something personal and then should change the default address. As default address is usually the same and most of the hackers know this and could easily hack other person’s computer or network using the default password.

  • Never forget to turn off the Wide Area Network administration and also turn off Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). Turning these things off would help you secure your private network.

With the help of, we can also provide a restricted access to our kids at home and ensure their productive learning. If any person wants to setup internet restrictions for his children, all he has to do is to enter the router’s settings page by entering his IP address in the browser. There is the option in the menu that ensures parental control or restricts router access. By selecting different options within this menu, a person can easily disable internet access of his child for each device or he could also set a proper timeframe during which his child could use the computer.