How does Provides Security?

The internet is the miraculous creation that has turned this vast planet comprising seven continents into a global village. We can access any person sitting at the other end of the world within a matter of seconds due to the blessing of internet connections. If we dig deeper into the field of internet, we would come across many different things that will amaze us. IP address is one of those things. These IP addresses are a set of numerical codes assigned to our computers so they could connect with other computers in a fast pace and with complete ease. Especially, if any person is using a wireless network then IP addresses are very important.

The most commonly used IP address is which at first was used by Linksys Company. Many other networking companies then followed the lead and started using the same IP address for their networks.

But the thing that most of the people wonder is why to use as an IP address? Why is it so important? The answer to this question is so long that it could only be explained in many steps.

  • The greatest importance of this IP address is that it provides privacy and protection to your computing and networking devices. These IP addresses assigned to your devices would not be known outside your network. But most of the time people do complain that they have tried attaching multiple devices bearing same IP address to a single network and it has not worked. So, in this case, it is much better to change the IP addresses of all the devices except one and reconnect them to a single network.

  • As mentioned above, the greatest importance of is that it increases the security of your network and devices. So, you could also take many steps that would increase the security with the help of this IP address. Most of the people don’t know that if someone gets an idea about a person’s SSID then there is a 90% chance that the security of his private network is breached. So, it is strongly advised to log on your configuration settings using your IP address and change your SSID into something unimaginable.

  • The next step that must be done is to change the default user name and password. It helps in making your network more secure.

  • Always use the strongest encryption in order to make your network more secured. This could be done by logging into the configuration panel with the help of

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