Issues caused by, is a universal IP address firstly used by Linksys to set a default protocol address to its routers. Many other computer networking devices of different companies are also using the same IP address for private network connections. Different issues are faced everyday due to the reason that this IP address is used by many different companies at the same time for their wireless routers. Most of the time, it is strongly recommended to change the default protocol addresses of the computer before operating them in a single network connection.

Most of the common issues that are faced by the people due to this IP address or while accessing their router’s setting through this IP address are:

  • Most of the people get irritated when they are not able to log in to their router settings. Their problem could be easily resolved if they follow some of the basic trouble shooting steps. But first they have to analyze the reason of their problem. They have to check whether a proper physical or internet connection has established or not?

  • Secondly, they have to check whether the computer or firewall IP address is correct or not?

  • Thirdly, it must be checked that is there any possibility of firewall blockers or any other sort of pop-up blockers. These things also create a great problem in accessing the router settings through this IP address.

  • Lastly, if none of the above given problems exist, simply your router may be need a resetting.

In order to resolve the above mentioned problems, there are certain steps that must be taken.

  • First of all, a person must properly check that the physical connection is working or not. In order to ensure this, a person must make sure that the cables that are connecting the router to one’s computer are properly connected or not. In case of the USB connection, make sure that the USB is properly connected or not. When a person will connect the connecting cable of the router into the computer’s port, he will hear a soft click, ensuring that the cable is strongly connected.

  • Still, if you are not able to access your router settings then try to renew or release the internet protocol address for your computer. This can be done by accessing the IP address option in the network settings of your computer. The settings will differ depending on the nature of your internet connection or windows.

  • If you can reset the settings of your router to factory default settings then this can also help resolve the problem.

Most of the times, following any of the above given steps do help.

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