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In this era of information technology, many different technologies are becoming a basic part of our daily lives. First, entered the inventions of radio, television and telephone and then came the inventions of computers, internet, VPN, etc. Along with the invention of internet, many interesting inventions came into being and made our lives very fast and comfortable.

Most of the people using private network connection always wonder that what the IP address is and what is the importance of for their network connection? Basically, an IP address is a series of numbers that form a sort of coded address belonging to any network. Or we can also say that an IP address or the internet protocol address is a set of numerics in a coded form that are assigned to each computing device that participates in the procedure of internet communication. It is the same as any residential or official address of any place.

In order to send any package or mail to that place, you have to send it on the proper address. Similarly, you can only access your network if the IP is correct. Basically, the IP address is used for private networks and will not be recognized outside that network. There are two things that should be kept in mind about the IP addresses while using the internet.

  • If a person uses IP from his computer at his home and office, no complication would arise.

  • If a person has two network devices within the same network range then this could cause a lot of complications.

This means that a single networking device with this IP address should be used at one time.

Below are mentioned some points that are going to explain the importance of IP

  • The greatest characteristic of this IP is that the flow of data within the network is much faster and accurate.

  • This IP could be used by multiple users at the same time, keeping in mind that they don’t belong to the same network.

  • If this IP address is entered into the web browser, then router’s default administration page opens and router’s settings could be accessed.

  • Any person who doesn’t have any idea regarding the IP address of his private computer network can always set his default settings to this universal IP address.

There also arise many issues due to this IP address when two different devices are set on the same IP address but these sorts of issues are resolved once the IP address at the second device is changed.

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