Securing the Wireless Router’ Setting At

Nowadays people are facing more and more threats to the security and privacy of their personal lives due to advancement of information technology. Many different online websites have been created that are becoming a part of our routine lives but in order to connect to those sites, we have to upload our complete personal data on those sites. Same is the case with online banking, all of our financial information and other sort of personal data is available on these databases. And if anybody is planning on hacking these sites, he can easily access all of our personal information. But the fact which is not very common among the internet users is that many different protective measures could be adopted to protect our on-net communication and these protections really do work.

The IP addresses assigned to our networking devices cannot be detected outside the network and are the most reliable way to provide the protection to our computers and networks. But in order to ensure this, it is much better to follow some certain steps to set the settings of your wireless routers so they become a complete protection for your personal computers and private networks.

  • In order to access the router’s settings, the person has to enter the default  IP address of his router i.e.

  • On reaching the configuration settings page, first of all, you should change the router’s name. You should name it with something personal and then should change the default address. As default address is usually the same and most of the hackers know this and could easily hack other person’s computer or network using the default password.

  • Never forget to turn off the Wide Area Network administration and also turn off Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). Turning these things off would help you secure your private network.

With the help of, we can also provide a restricted access to our kids at home and ensure their productive learning. If any person wants to setup internet restrictions for his children, all he has to do is to enter the router’s settings page by entering his IP address in the browser. There is the option in the menu that ensures parental control or restricts router access. By selecting different options within this menu, a person can easily disable internet access of his child for each device or he could also set a proper timeframe during which his child could use the computer.

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